Solutions for healthier workplace cultures that prevent burnout

The future of work relies on a healthy workforce. Our expert-backed burnout solution is designed with your employees’ unique lived experiences in mind — helping you build a more resilient workforce.

Jennifer Moss, Author, The Burnout Epidemic

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Wellness curriculum that decreases burnout and promotes productivity and resilience

We’ve partnered with Jennifer Moss, author of The Burnout Epidemic, to create a guided curriculum within our solutions that gives participants practical tips and tools for how to spot burnout, understand its root causes and use research-backed prevention strategies.

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"The goal here is to create happier, healthier and higher performing organizations across our workforce and 10KC is a great tool for this.” 

Jennifer Moss, ‍Workplace Culture Strategist and award-winning author of The Burnout Epidemic

Interactive roundtable discussions and workshops

Strengthen and normalize conversations about burnout with Office Hours roundtable workshops — 60-90 minute interactive sessions on a variety of topics designed to give your people safe spaces to discuss burnout and other lived experiences without fear of judgement.

Boost employee engagement, job satisfaction and productivity with automated 1:1 Introductions

57% of employees say having a best friend in the workplace makes work more enjoyable. Use Introductions on a bi-weekly cadence to facilitate unbiased matches between employees and create a safe and social environment that promotes friendship, collaboration and inclusivity.

What customers are saying about 10KC

"With the shift to hybrid work, our focus has turned to connecting our teams in a more organic way. 10KC allows us to recreate those serendipitous hallway conversations where employees share and learn from each other. We also use 10KC to foster open dialogue between leaders and employees on mental health. Everyone has been impacted in some way these last two years and it is important to have authentic conversations as we move towards new ways of working.”

Victor Tung, ‍U.S. Chief Technology and Operations Officer and Chief Information and Operations Officer, BMO Capital Markets

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