Strategic Employee Connections:
Driving Culture, Belonging, Performance and Retention after M&As and Restructures


Helping leaders and employees navigate organizational change — whether it’s restructuring or mergers & acquisitions — is critical in maximizing value from the transformation. But how can people not only survive but thrive amidst such transitions? In this insightful webinar, we explore how to create meaningful and strategic connections between employees at scale to ensure a successful business transformation.

Our expert panelists from CI Financial, Equinox Group, and TD SYNNEX share practical strategies, real-life anecdotes, and best practices for facilitating and leveraging these connections to:

  • Provide guidance, support, and perspective during times of uncertainty
  • Integrate or rebuild culture and drive resilience around organizational change
  • Seize opportunities for growth and development during M&As/restructures
  • Increase retention, shorten time to productivity, and drive performance

Ready integrate culture seamlessly and drive performance and retention post transformation?

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