How PwC leveraged 10KC to build a connected workforce that transcends silos and proximity barriers


Organizations are struggling to connect their workforces, disseminate culture and engage their talent.

Going back to the office was seen as the solution to fix these issues, but it’s not working. The Result? Leaders are struggling to connect their workforces and recent data from Accenture shows that 1 in 6 employees are feeling disconnected and unengaged.

Top HR Leaders Soula Courlas, PwC's interim Chief People Officer and Sara Blanchard, Director & National Culture Lead, Workforce of the Future, PwC joined Dave Wilkin from 10KC to discuss why organizations and people leaders need to create intentional connectivity with their in-office, hybrid and remote-first teams.

They discussed how PwC has leveraged innovative strategies and 10KC’s technology to create a connected company that is developing leaders and creating a top talent experience for all of their employees.

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