Navigating Transformation with Confidence ft. Leading Change Expert, Catherine Brown


Generative AI, Layoffs, Restructures, Distributed Teams, Skill Gaps, Burnout - Leaders are facing a lot of change.

In this webinar, leadership expert Catherine Brown (previously at Google, Nike, E&Y and Singularity University) and Clodagh Scannell, Director of Talent Strategy at 10KC, explore on how to support leaders leading change using mentorship & networking.

You’ll learn:

  • Expert Insights from Catherine Brown:  Having led leadership development at Google, Nike, EY and Singularity University, Catherine will share successful leading change strategies and how to cultivate a culture of adaptability, innovation, and resilience. 
  • The Role of Mentorship and Networking: Learn how mentorship and networking can be used to facilitate change initiatives by equipping leaders with the tools needed to proactively lead change. From communication strategies to fostering collaboration, we'll delve into actionable techniques that drive engagement and retention.
  • Measuring Success in Change Initiatives: Understand the key metrics to gauge the success of your change initiatives. Learn how to assess and refine your approach, ensuring sustained growth and innovation.

Ready to drive retention, engagement, and promotion through mentoring and networking?

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