How Spring Health doubled retention of diverse talent within a year through mentorship


Michelle Rojas, Associate Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Spring Health, doubled retention of priority talent using Mentorship within a year. She launched a small mentoring pilot with great success. But wanting to increase its reach to the broader organization, she knew she needed a technology solution. She found 10KC, an all-in-one mentorship and networking platform that helped her scale Mentorship to over half her organization in under a year.

In this expert AMA, Michelle will share her experience building and scaling an inclusive mentorship program at Spring Health, and answer your burning questions on all things mentorship including:

  • How to know if your organization can benefit from a mentorship program
  • Why you need technology to expand and enhance your mentorship program and see real impact
  • How to seamlessly integrate mentorship into your Employee Experience and measure the ROI 

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